Trivaeo Consulting Services

New Product Development

Glenholme Consulting has developed The Super-7 Model for new product development.

There are 7 key information sets and agreements required to ready a Product or Service for market. It is specifically designed for companies that wish to measure profitable growth rather than just revenue growth.

Service Description

Every service requires a description and whilst this will often be required as part of the final contract, it is better to prepare the description in advance to ensure that the sales message is consistent across all marketing channels.

Service Performance (SLAs)

A key success factor for any successful partnership is the creation of a clear and balanced Service Level Argeement. A template is ready to facilitate the creation of a service performance commitment.


Price is often constructed using a cost+ approach, but clients can also sell more profitably by using other pricing approaches. There are some pricing approaches to consider that may well improve profitability.

Cost of Ownership

Glenholme Consulting specialises in helping companies identify the full cost of ownership. The model developed by Glenholme Consulting includes areas such as risk costs. The results are often surprising for clients and this has often led to changes in the key sales message.

Sales Strategy

The Sales Strategy needs to consider many aspects, including geographies and markets, USPs and key messages, primary versus secondary product, loss leader etc. It can also cover operational strategy e.g. who should be present at sales meetings. Glenholme Consulting has a tool ready to facilitate the development of the sales strategy.

Sales Plan

This is a sales commitment from the sales team including targets, opportunity sizing and timings.

Supporting Agreements

Having back-to-back commitments is essential, whether working with a partner or with an internal department. Glenholme Consulting assists our clients to construct vendor or internal agreements that minimize the risks to operations or commercials.