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Gateway-Driven Sourcing


Gateway-Driven Sourcing is a methodology that can flex to all situations. It is simple to understand and to follow, but most of all, it leaves a record of why things were done, how they were done and by whom. It is more than a best in class vendor selection process. It gives executive management, supplier and clients alike the confidence that due process is being followed.

Benefits of Implementing Gateway-Driven Sourcing

Without doubt implementation of this process will ensure that the most competitive sourcing agreements are achieved. This is because the process sets up the best possible opportunity for benchmarking a supplier’s service offering and price. It sets a good initial impression to suppliers. By observing a fair, professional and yet commercially robust approach to the vendor selection phase, suppliers will appreciate that this is how an organisation wishes to do business in the future. It sets a own benchmark for professionalism. Increasingly clients of service companies are demanding that their suppliers demonstrate the use of robust and professional sourcing. They have realised that their suppliers are sourcing on their behalf and should do it properly. This methodology provides an audit trail of how decisions are made and by whom. It avoids “Hampers at Christmas” or “Deals at Dinner”.

Description of Gateway-Driven Sourcing

For a more detailed description of the Gateway-Driven Sourcing methodology, please contact us on The methodology is supported by key documentation as follows:
  • Full Process Description
  • Sourcing Approach Template
  • Request for Information Template
  • Request for Proposal Template
  • Evaluation Model Template
  • Evaluation Report Template