Trivaeo Consulting Services

Corporate Disposals

Glenholme Consulting specialises in improving the way that corporate disposals are conducted. Based on the Gateway-Driven Sourcing methodology, Glenholme Consulting will ensure that a structured approach is employed. In the same manner as for outsourcing, the methodology ensures that:
  • Best value is achieved through the sale.
  • Risks are appropriately represented in the sales prospectus.
  • Decisions are documented at each stage for governance purposes.

Due Diligence Consultancy

Required by the Seller – When preparing the prospectus for a disposal, 2 key elements require due process to ensure that the value and risks of a business are represented appropriately:
  1. The commitments made by clients of the business unit being sold to continue using the services of the business unit.
  2. The commitments that the seller has already made to suppliers of the business unit.
Both of these elements present risks to a purchaser, and Glenholme Consulting has a best practice guide for this element of the process. Required by the Purchaser – Glenholme Consulting has a best practice process for enabling potential purchasers the opportunity to perform due diligence ahead of the bidding process.