Trivaeo Consulting Services

Cost Improvement

Glenholme Consulting advises clients on how to improve their cost base by addressing i) process, ii) rates achieved with suppliers, and iii) expenditure policies.

Glenholme Consulting specialises in improving procurement processes, by leading a client’s internal cost improvement programme, or by managing procurement as a function if required.

The services we provide are:

Improving Procurement – With our Gateway-Driven Sourcing methdology at hand and adapting it to a client’s specific requirements, Glenholme Consulting can improve the way procurement is managed. Tools and templates make this transition faster and more robust.

Supporting documentation includes a Vendor Selection Process description, a Request for Information template, a Request for Proposal template, an Evaluation Approach description and an Evaluation Report template.

Cost Reduction – Glenholme Consulting coordinates cost reduction programmes which focus not only on improving the pricing of external spend, but also on the internal processes that cause the spend in the first place.