Trivaeo Consulting Services

Advanced Programme Management

Technology upgrade, rationalisation, and integration programmes are often complex to manage, particularly where perhaps delivery is performed by multiple partners.

Glenholme Consulting specialises in programme managing these projects, and we have developed our Commercial Construct for Projects methodology to minimize the risk of failure. Part of the methodology involves the continual health monitoring of large project portfolios and programmes as a whole.

The services provided are:

Programme Management – Glenholme Consulting provides programme managers for complex transition, outsourcing, integration, and product development projects.

Commercial Construct for Projects – Glenholme Consulting specialises in commercial constructs for complex and mission critical projects. Negotiating terms with sophisticated partners or integrators with many interdependencies is often difficult, and our methodology provides a structured approach for each transaction.

Complex Programme Oversight – For organisations that take on the Commercial Construct methodology, Glenholme Consulting provides programme oversight for the Executive Sponsor through to completion, thereby minimizing the risk of project over-run, scope creep, and non-delivery of benefits.