Trivaeo Consulting Services


Predominantly focusing on payments solutions and sourcing advice for complex projects, we offer the following services:


The convergence of Open Banking and PSD2 is changing the payments landscape both in the UK and across Europe. We can help you identify substantial cost savings to your current costs of being paid by your customers as well as improving your customers’ overall experience of doing business with you. We can also identify additional benefits of managing typical customer issues such as on-boarding, retention and impairments.

We are linked to a new payments solution provider, Dalston Payments that is developing a new payments solution to address all the above payments issues.


Whether it is a renewal of an existing contract or the sourcing of a key business process for first time, Glenholme Consulting advises for all key business functions and across all key stages of the outsourcing life-cycle. These services can even be extended to provide performance improvement or benchmarking of internally delivered service.

Corporate Disposals

Selling a subsidiary or a business as a whole presents organisations with risks that are similar to a major outsourcing transaction. This is particularly true when a corporate disposal also requires a service commitment back to the organisation making the sale. Glenholme Consulting employs a structured approach to assist clients in minimizing risk and maximizing value, when selling parts of their business.

Cost Improvement

Whilst cost improvement can start by assessing external spend and improving the way procurement is performed within an organisation, Glenholme Consulting’s approach to cost improvement also assesses internal processes and governance for ways to improve cost management.

New Product Development

Predominantly focusing on Service as a Product, Glenholme consulting has developed The Super-7 Model model to assist clients with preparing product for market and maximising sales success, and profitable growth.

Advanced Programme Management

Glenholme Consulting provide end-to-end programme management for complex projects. To support confidence in delivery, Glenholme Consulting has developed a commercial construct for complex projects that provides a business sponsor with additional surety of a programme being delivered as planned.

Management Training

Glenholme Consulting provides a set of training courses to support the services it offers.