Trivaeo focuses on financial services, telecom, logistics, retail and government sectors.

End to End strategy

We consider what makes your business unique and use that to highlight your competitive advantage.

Taking a holistic view of all the obstacles, we develop a plan to move your business forward/ We create a credible strategy, roadmap and delivery plan, allowing you to  realize value much earlier in your change lifecycle.


Whether it means creating new products or reimagining current processes, we help you become a digital business and create a competitive advantage using technology as the catalyst.

Each engagement we undertake is different. Our approach stays the same – practical solutions that deliver accelerated results.
Assisted Transformation

Our assisted transformation service help you harness technology’s new capabilities, so you can stay ahead of the game and prepare for shifting consumer behaviours  Each member of our team has at least 15 years experience working across multiple sectors, 

Our comprehensive toolkt helps us accelorate your transformation. It includes all the Frameworks, Tools & Templates required to reduce the adoption time and risk. 

Our Story

Trivaeo was founded in 2008 by Pat Graham while on an interim engagement abroad. Pat recognized that every company he worked with had the same challenges, independent of size, market sector, age of company and even being privately held or publicly traded.  They consistently lacked the ability to transform themselves due to personal agendas, skills, time and just running the business.  In response, Pat began to create a set of tools to help our consultants add value from the moment they stepped into an engagement. These tools remain in use today and give us a step up as we engage.  

We have accomplished so much since those early days.  Our consultants continue to work in some of the most demanding environments from start-up to globally recognized brands. Our experience spans financial services, telecom, hospitality, retail, logistics, government, and media. We have supported and led programmes of work from £50K – £50M.   Yes, we are proud of our achievements, and we would gladly speak to you and your team about how we can quickly deliver results to your company.

We specialize in bringing value to all parts of your business through assisted transformation however our consultants are equally comfortable leading on business strategy, technology strategy, operating models, business and technology operations.  Ultimately we live by our core values.

Trivaeo methodology

Our transformation methodology to deliver success in real time.





We operate with full integrity and transparency. Nothing gets hidden under the covers.  We’re quick to surface problems, worries or to ask for help. We have the courage to take on the hard conversations.





We are generous with our time and resources. We believe in creating value to guarantee your success. We impart on extensive knowledge without limitations of conditions.





We care enough to tell people what they need to hear not what they want to hear.  We are your trusted advisors.





Nothing gets dropped, nothing gets forgotten, We build knowledge pools, we teach knowledge sharing and we make sure every discussion is closed out properly.