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Trivaeo provides solutions to businesses as they transition from small to medium to large. Just pick the solution that best suits where you are now, secure in the knowledge that you can add more functionality as you need it. Do you want to Organize, Grow, Accelerate or Automate your business today? Additionally, see below for a small selection of our more personalized extra powerful solutions. These are a natural progression, once you have outgrown the generic solution packs. Ask Trivaeo about a solution created just for your industry, personalized to you.

The Organize Pack

Organize all of the information your business needs and save hours every week. The average business owner spends 4 hours every week just looking for their own information. Organize tasks, contacts and documents.

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The Growth Pack

Organise your information and contacts as you grow and start to develop new business by automating sales & marketing processes and integrating your accounts. If your business is at this stage, these are the tools you need to grow.

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The Accelerate Pack

Once your business reaches this stage, extend your business outwards as systems start to touch clients, staff, suppliers & partners. Accelerate growth & automate management of contracts. Collaboration tools have unlimited team rooms.

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The Automate Pack

Once you have grown your business and accelerated growth by automating sales, accounting and client facing activities, it is time to compete on the Global stage. This pack will provide your business with every advantage that the giant international corporations get and with your small business speed, you can win hands down.

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i-VO Change & Variation Management

For the business that regularly manages high value projects and contracts that are prone to regular change, this solution ensures that changes are tracked, authorized officially &, most importantly, accounted for as your client sees delays & additions in no-quibble accounts. Suitable for IT. and Construction businesses in particular.

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CLOE Automated Forms and Fact Find

This solution was designed with and for Financial Advisors. However, the ability to personalise your own fact finds and data collection in a code free environment, in just an hour or so, means that this is suitable for all businesses that want to be able to collect and use information to improve sales and services.

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Trade Driver for Deliverable FX

A solution originally created to enable even the smallest deliverable FX service provider to compete on service and efficiency against anyone. Using Trade Driver to run your FX business end-to-end can slash trade times from enquiry to contract note, from days down to minutes.

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Precision Practice Management for PSF’s

Whether you run an Accounting practice, an Architect or Medical practice, the ability to automate office tasks and processes that are currently heavy with people and paper is not only critical to your success, it can be essential to your survival.

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Personalized Solutions For Your Industry

Speak to us now about the creation of specific solutions that automate any business process. Personalized solutions will enable your business to prosper in the hardest of climates against the toughest competition. This enables you to create a customized solution in a code-free environment.

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Trivaeo believes that a new era has begun. The era of the Global Small Business. This is what happens as the World progresses and entrepreneurs start to take over from the globalized, monolithic, giants.

Three market forces have now taken control and they are having a profound effect on everyones lives:

1. Economic Forces

In the current climate you will not see a single small to medium business that is not concerned about the effects of competition on their business. There are fewer barriers to foreign competitors and more pressure to be efficient in order to keep costs of producing the product or service under control, thus stay competitively priced. Business owners now have to ensure that their most expensive asset – their people, are working as efficiently as possible. Companies that are struggling to compete, the decision to automate business processes is nowadays a necessity. Taking on more and more staff is no longer a viable option. Investment in business applications in order to keep staff working on intelligent tasks is now at fever pitch.

2. Social Forces

The use of flexible working hours and home working has caused the meaning of the word “work” to be reviewed. Work is something you do, no longer a place you go. New portable devices and BYOD policies are now commonplace in most small businesses.

3. Technology forces

The World now has high speed broadband access to a huge percentage of the population. This factor combined with the proliferation of portable devices has made it easier for people to work in virtual teams, remotely from the office. Technology has now made it possible to store and manipulate any information, on any device, anywhere and without the need for insecure data storage on PC’s and in filing cabinets!

Trivaeo has started a crusade to empower smaller, more responsive businesses as the new era dawns it will be too late for the established large organisations as their business is gradually eroded. Join our empowered community now.

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