Trivaeo Consulting Services


Breadth of Experience

Trivaeo Consulting focuses on the Telecommunications, Media, Financial Services and Retail sectors. 

Methodology Driven

We recognise that consultants need to come with a toolkit. To enable us to hit the ground running and be effective from Day 1, we have developed tools and methodologies from our knowledge of this arena to provide structure to what we do.

These methodologies range from a world-class procurement process to benchmarking tools to evaluate complex service delivery. The methodologies are also supported by templates and documentation that can be adapted to the client’s requirement.


We deliver our work based on 3 guiding principles. Firstly, we have broad experience of your company’s business challenges so we know where to focus our efforts. Secondly, we have tried and tested tools and methodologies that are adaptable to fit with your unique situation. Finally, we recognize that change is complex and demanding.